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Rich Garcia


Studied Business Marketing and Management Fairleigh Dickinson University

Electronics Engineering Technology Palm Beach Community College


Cast Member Reality TV Series "Best of the Best"  2014 the Mexican Rivera


Having been involved in photography for many years both as a hobby from early childhood to photojournalism in the 80's and 90's I have returned more with a interest in glamour and studio photography. My first formal training was in the mid-80's with David Hansen a photographer both for Kodak and National Geographic based out of New York city and teaching in the art department of Fairleigh Dickinson University. I then spent several years at a totally  different career path both in both law enforcement and emergency services (EMS and Rescue). Over time I worked shooting both video and still images in the Metro NYC area for the various TV news networks and local newspapers then photographing the South Florida motorcycle lifestyle while living in West Palm Beach. For the past several years after relocating to the Carolinas region I have done mostly glamour, boudoir and portrait images, now expanding into sports and fitness photography.


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