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Images that last forever


From simple portraits that will last a lifetime to conceptual shoots.  Everything starts with an idea and will flourish into a full artistic endavor between myself, the client, and hair/makeup artists if necessary anything is a possibility.


Personally portrature is where I find myself drawn to most of the time. As some say the eyes are the windows into the soul. I often focus on this idea when composing my photos but I do enjoy the artistic aspects of conceptual shoots also.  Xena warrior princess, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Hamilton in Terminator, Sexy Construction Worker, Exotic Dancer, Tom Cruz in Risky Business, some superheroine ? Any character you you can dream of, explain your vision we can create it together! From mild to wild anything it possible, be it a simple vanilla idea or an intricate recipe that excites all of your senses and the vision of whomever you decide to share your images with.


Rest assured your secret is safe with us. Feel free to discuss any concepts and ideas you have, we have at one time or another photographed everything, some subject matter more than others. Variety is the spice of life and we believe the same holds true for photographic imagery. We will even discuss the possibilities of shooting either in digital or film both color and black and white to recreate the feeling you are looking for.



Rich Garcia


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